Kit 'N Kaboodle Thrift - Big Savings on gently used, brand-name clothing!
Effective 1/1/18 I am no longer accepting items on consignment. Donations are welcome and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Sullivan County Humane Society.

Effective Immediately for Existing Accounts:

December drop offs will be kept on consignment through 4/30/18 as the store transitions to a for-profit thrift shop. This will allow ample time to tag/sell the items brought in through the end of the year.

Sale price will be established by Kit ‘N Kaboodle Consignments and may be discounted at my discretion.

For items that sell for less than $20, your portion of the sale proceeds will be:40%. For items $20 and over, your proceeds will be 50%. Some exceptions will be made for special higher tiered items.

Accounts will be settled on a monthly basis and payment will be available to pick up on or after the second Friday of every month. The consignor may be asked to show photo I.D. and to sign a receipt of payment.  Payments will not be mailed, unless special arrangements have been made. Unclaimed money will become property of Kit ‘N Kaboodle Consignments after 6 months.

With the exception of jewelry and formal wear, articles unsold after 90 days and unclaimed by the consignor automatically become the property of Kit ‘N Kaboodle Consignments.  If the consignor wishes to pick up unsold items, they must do so within one week following the 90 day consignment period. The consignor will be asked to find their items and bring them to the counter to verify ownership (by consignment #). Consignors are responsible for monitoring the 90 Day period and retrieving their items before it has expired. 

All items left at Kit ‘N Kaboodle Consignments will be left at the owner’s risk. All reasonable precautions will be taken to secure the premises against fire or theft. The consignor must provide his/her own insurance to cover the loss of his/her property from theft, breakage, accident, burglary, fire and other hazards. Kit ‘N Kaboodle Consignments is expressly released herein from any and all liabilities resulting from any loss, injury, or damage to consignor’s property.

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