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Fall is in the air - change to consignment policy

Fall is certainly in the air! I've been working my tail off trying to clear the racks of spring/summer inventory. My return rack is filling up (for those consignors who want their things back). My bags for donation to area thrift shops are filling up too, and will be tucked away until summer rolls around again (then donated). Shoppers are already looking for sweaters and stocking up on back to school clothes. It's an exciting time of year!  I still have lots of summer inventory and many prices have been slashed drastically.

I've been giving my current consignment policy some thought and decided that I still have too much inventory to manage. I have limited my new consignors (have only taken a handful over the past year). My store is always stuffed and it's hard to put clothes away, shop and move about the store. I decided (beginning October) that I will take 20 items total (every other month) to see if this makes a difference. Non-clothing items also counts toward your allotment - jewelry, books, shoes, etc. Some consignors are having trouble counting their items. I gently remind them about the limit. If you miss a month because you are away, you cannot make up for it later (sorry). It also preferable to drop your items off once - not make multiple trips throughout the month. I love to see everyone, but I have to stop what I'm doing and it's disruptive. It's also more work for me to keep track of how much you've brought in. Please be sure to place your items in a bag or box and write your consignment number on the outside. When I find a bag without a number I go crazy.

Please be sure to closely examine your items BEFORE bringing them in. I don't have the man power to discard your items because they are not good enough to sell. Check the collars, arm pits,  back and front for stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, gobs of pet hair etc. Please take the time to dust/clean your non-clothing items. I don't have time to do this. There are only so many hours in my day.

Thank you for listening!


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