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Transition to Thrift Shop

The last 6 years of owning/running a consignment shop have certainly been a challenge. Much work and effort goes into it and it's a balancing act to keep the consignors and consumers happy alike. The paperwork is enormous - monthly settlements take days, accounting for taxes takes weeks. Much of the work is done during off hours. I rarely take a sick day and haven't had a real vacation in 6 years.
When I bought the store 6 years ago I acquired 250 consignors. I currently have close to 750 consignors, and due to space limitations, stopped taking new consignors two years ago. I turn away new consignors and people who want to just donate goods on a daily basis.
I have been mulling over ideas for the past few months that would change my business. When I first bought the store, I had a vision to help local animal shelters.  Ironically, Sullivan County Humane Society opened their non-profit shelter a year after I started Kit 'N Kaboodle and set up right next door! I do help them whenever I can. Some items that are donated are tagged with a special number and part of the proceeds goes to them. I also take photos for them and take food donations when the shelter isn't open. I feel that it's not enough and want to do more.
I see other thrift shops thriving and able to help their cause. I see yellow planet aid bins everywhere spilling their contents. I turn people away every day who have stuff to get rid of and believe that that the Universe has been trying to tell me something.
With the love of animals in our community, I'm confident that people will donate things to help my mission. I would give Sullivan County Humane Society a percentage of my sales (after keeping enough to run the business and compensate myself for my full-time job).
Effective January 1st 2018, I will no longer take consignments. I will continue to sell the inventory that I have on consignment - allowing the 3 month (90 day) period from January 30th. This will allow time for the items that were dropped off in December to be tagged and sold within the 90 day period as per my consignment agreement. I would continue to pay consignors as usual through 5/1/18.

May 1st would be the start of Kit 'N Kaboodle Thrift Shop.
At that time, consignors who want their items returned can take them. Items not picked up would be sold and part of the proceeds would help SCHS.
I have developed a lot of personal relationships with many of you (consignors) and it has been a pleasure to work with you and to acquire your amazing things to sell.

If you wish to continue consignments, there are other area stores you can try - Bella's Repeat Boutique in Charlestown, Go Lightly Consignments in New London, The Kids Exchange in Newport, Closet Treasures in Grantham, Revolution in White River, to name a few.

Thank you for your patronage! I do hope to see you again with some donations to benefit the animals and/or to shop.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call or send me a note on e-mail -
Happy New Year!
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